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FPSC Resources on 2015 Physician Fee Schedule

UHC and AAMC staff recently hosted several web conferences to help faculty practice organizations understand the implications of the 2015 Medicare Physician Fee Schedule final rule and to better prepare organizations as Medicare starts implementing the pay-for-performance programs. PDF versions of the presentations and recordings of the web conferences are available below.

Webinar 1: CY 2015 Medicare Physician Fee Schedule - Understanding the Final Quality and Value Modifier Provisions

Webinar 2: Impact of the CY 2015 Medicare Physician Fee Schedule - Understanding the Payment Provisions
For questions related to the physician payment provisions, please contact Dave Troland or Will Dardani. For questions about quality related provisions, please contact Shaifali Ray.

FPSC Annual Conference 2015


As the health care revolution gains momentum, academic medical centers and faculty physician organizations are under increasing pressure to optimize clinical and operational performance across the continuum of care. The theme of + INFLUENCE was selected for the 2015 FPSC Annual Conference to reflect the power of using positive persuasion to promote engagement, alignment, and sustained peak organizational and personal performance.   

This year’s Annual Conference will feature a keynote address from Dan Norris, Cialdini Method Certified Trainer and Director of Training for Holt Development Services, Inc.  Mr. Norris is an expert in the science of ethical influence and will impart valuable insights on workforce behaviors that can contribute to measurable increases in performance, revenue, and customer and employee satisfaction.

Additional meeting details, including registration information will be available in early 2015.  Please contact Bob Browne, Shaifali Ray or Will Dardani for more information.


Innovations to Improve Health Care Coordination

UHC and AAMC are partnering with five academic medical centers across the country on an initiative to improve health care coordination between primary care physicians and specialty physicians. The $7 million project is being funded by the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Innovation (CMMI) to evaluate the impact of implementation of a consultation and referral platform that is integrated into the electronic health record.  To learn more, please visit the UHC, AAMC, or CMS websites. 


2013 Benchmarks

The 2013 FPSC benchmarks were released the week of February 17th. All member reports were refreshed with the 2013 benchmarks for:
  • Work and Total Relative Value Units (RVUs)
  • New Patient Visit Ratios
  • E&M Coding Distributions
  • Charge Lag
  • Net Collection Rate
  • Denial and Denial Recovery Rate

Please note, the 2013 benchmark values will carry forward for comparison to your 2014 data until the next set of benchmarks are released later in the year. The FPSC would like to highlight several enhancements to the benchmarks and online tools with the release of the 2013 FPSC benchmarks:
  • The Matched Collections Analysis reports will now provide the FPSC Net Collection Rate at the 50th and 75th percentiles.
  • The cell size for the Revenue Cycle Suite benchmarks has now grown to 30 members.
  • Fifty-three organizations participated in the CFTE collection process for the 2013 RVU benchmarks.
  • Palliative Care and Sleep Medicine are two specialties that have been added this year. Both specialties now have benchmarks available in the FPSC reporting tool.
  • Three specialties did not reach the minimum data threshold for 2013 RVU benchmarks: Pediatrics Invasive Cardiology, Podiatry, and Cytopathology.

The FPSC team thanks you for your participation in the 2013 RVU benchmark development process. For questions related to the benchmarks, please contact Dave Troland (312-775-4357). If you need to update or remap your provider FPSC specialty categories, please contact Will Dardani (312-775-4510).

The New Quality & Efficiency Module

42 groups have already signed up for the new module, is your group one of them?

The UHC-AAMC Faculty Practice Solutions Center is pleased to offer a new module to help inform and support member initiatives to improve the cost, efficiency and quality of patient care.

Features of the New FPSC Quality & Efficiency Module:

Reports & Comparative Data Improvement Toolkits & Networking Opportunities
Robust comparative data on specific CMS quality, cost and outcome measures by GPRO reporting type Automatic enrollment in focused learning collaboratives that provide guidelines ad toolkits to help improve performance
Comparison of quality tiering scores by GPRO reporting type Member case studies on successful practices
Additional dynamic, detailed reports with comparative data to further help members assess performance Expanded networking opportunities including Webinars and symposiums
Staff who can help interpret your QRUR report and provide ad hoc custom analyses Staff who can serve as liaisons to help facilitate questions and share feedback directly from CMS on your behalf

Please note, the only additional data needed to participate in this module can be pulled directly from your 2012 CMS Quality and Resource Use Report.

To learn more about the Quality & Efficiency Module please contact Shaifali Ray (312-775-4305).

What's New

UHC Bundles of Care Tool


The UHC Bundles of Care (BOC) tool links patient-level data from the UHC Clinical Data Base (CDB) and the Faculty Practice Solutions Center (FPSC) to allow monitoring of patient outcomes and utilization patterns beyond the inpatient setting. Each report offers over 100 bundle-specific metrics to assist with better understanding of variation, readmissions, complications, resource utilization, and length of stay. Designed for high-level, executive viewing, the dynamic dashboard puts all of these metrics in easy-to-understand graphs and charts.

BOC is provided free of charge to organizations that subscribe to both the UHC CDB and the FPSC. For additional background and to view sample reports, click here. For more information, contact Bob Browne.

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